VA - A Guide to Middle Eastern Black Metal

: Middle-East Black Metal Bands
Album: A Guide to Middle Eastern Black Metal
Country: Middle-East
Style: Black Metal
Year: 2009
Origin: VA ( Variable-Artists )
Size: 70MB

NOTE: This album published by a fan, but Iranian bands NOT Arabic, Iranian are Aryan
and only station between Arabic countries.. Hail to Persian Black Metal..

01. Ayat - "Possession" from El Nabi Mojrem Moghtaseb Dajjal LEBANON
02. Die Entweihung - "The Unholy Precept" from Die Entweihung ISRAEL
03. Mucous Scrotum - "You Will Perish" from Calls from the Underground ISRAEL
04. Narjahanam - "Nehaya Wa Bedaya" from Undama Tath'hur Al Shams Mn Al Gharb BAHRAIN
05. Al-Namrood - "Barzakh" from Narcotized SAUDI ARABIA
06. Ammattammen Bas - "Mint Tea Til Sugar Skog" from Estanna Yabny Estanna EGYPT
07. Dhul-Qarnayn - "From Chaos" from Beyond Human Malice BAHRAIN
08. Infernal Nature - "Of Lords & Servants" from Calls from the Underground ISRAEL
09. Veinen - "Apocalyptic Nuclear Terror" from Black Hypnosis LEBANON
10. Nekroforest - "Kristian Grave" from Kristian Grave TURKEY/UAE
11. Rabbath Ammon - "Crown of Sand" from Rabbath Ammon JORDAN
12. Ultramundane - "Sworn Revenge" from A Kingdom at Birth EGYPT
13. Damaar - "Ode to Blasphemy" from Triumph Through Spears of Sacrilege LEBANON
14. Aras - "Wish to Be in Death Embrace" from Depressive Rebellion IRAN
15. Dark Promise - "The Dark Promise" from To Violate the Light SYRIA
16. Blaspherion - "The Night Before Mourning" from The Night Before Mourning UAE/USA
17. Sorg Innkallelse - "Lethal Invasion" from Into the Dark Tower IRAN
18. Azaroth - "The Winds of Mayhem" from Azaroth/Nekroforest TURKEY/UAE
19. De Mysteriium - "546 BC (short mix)" from Cold Days in Experience IRAN
20. Kusoof - "Exist to Un-exist" from Vile BAHRAIN/KUWAIT

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Ekove Efrits - Hypermnesia [Full-Length, 2010]

Band: Ekove Efrits
Album: Hypermnesia
Country: Iran
Style: Electronic / Neo-Classic / Metal
Year: 2010
Origin: Full-length
Size: 42MB

NOTE: This album self-released by Count de Efrit, Publish on Misty-Graveyard.

2.The Matter Is Anti-matter04:54
3.Second Midnight05:04
4.Princess Of Flowers02:25
5.Oriental Prophecy04:38
7.Masquerade of Memories05:10
8.Moonlight Departure03:50
9.Age Of Disorders04:43
10.Walk With Seasons05:16
Total playing time43:04

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: MediaFire

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Zakhm - Drowned In Suicide Thoughts [Full-Length, 2009]

Band: Zakhm
Country: Iran
Release Title / Date: Drowned In Suicide Thoughts / 2009
Genre: Ambient Black Metal
File Size: 21.4 MB

NOTE: This is first Zakhm publishing by Misty-Graveyard.

01 - My...
02 - Last Winter's Sunset
03 - Whisper For Her
04 - My Pine
05 - Dont Worry For Others
06 - My Name Is Sad
07 - Suicide

Total Playing Time: 23:51

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Password is: antihuman-antilife

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Aras - Gharive Dard [EP, 2009]

Band: Aras
Country: Iran
Release Title / Date: Gharive Dard (EP) / 2009
Genre: Epic Metal
File Size: 13

NOTE: This tribute EP to All people on Green revolution and Mir Hossein Mosavi, first release by Misty-Graveyard.


1. Gharive Dard ( Outcry of pain )
2. Khorooshe Sabz ( Green roar )
3. Maghame Jelo Shahi ( Perisan traditional music )

Total Playing Time: 15:18

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Glum - Here Is No One [Single, 2009]

Band: Glum
Album: Here Is No One
Country: Iran
Style: Black Metal
Year: 2009
Origin: Single
Size: 7 MB

1. Here Is No One (08:15)

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Wormlust - Seven Paths [Demo, 2009]

Band: Wormlust
Album: Seven Paths
Country: Iceland
Style: Special Black Metal (Atmospheric BM)
Year: 2009
Origin: Demo
Size: 11 MB

1. Seven Paths (12:22)

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Begotten - Grave Wax [Demo, 2010]

Band: Begotten
Album: Grave Wax
Country: US
Style: Black Metal
Year: 2010
Origin: Demo
Size: 31.15 MB

1. Je Vous Demande le Droit de Mourir (I Ask The Right To Die)
2. High & Rotting/Cold Creator
3. Black Flowers Bloom
4. The Sound Of Flowing Wrists
5. Angel of Hostility

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Eclittica - The Sky Will Help Us [Full-length, 2009]

Band: Eclittica
Album: The Sky Will Help Us
Country: Italy (Cuneo)
Style: Ambient/Depressieve Black Metal
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2009
Origin: Full-length
Size: 114,33 Mb

1. Without Gravity [08:45]
2. Malaise Of Living [32:28]
3. Lanx Australis [06:09]
4. The Hourglass Is Nearly Empty [11:03]
5. Existential Oppression [02:54]
6. Forget the Reality [04:54]

Total playing time: 01:06:16

Download Link: Mirror from S-D

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Aras (Iran) - Possessed by Nargaroth [Ep, 2007]

Band: Aras
Country: Iran
Release Title / Date: Possessed by Nargaroth (EP) / 2007
Genre: Black Metal
File Size:
36 MB

NOTE: This tribute EP to Nargaroth was made and sent to Kanwulf himself, first release by Misty-Graveyard.

1. Herbstleyd
2. Wenn Regen Liebt
3. Manchmal Wenn Sie Schloft
4. Det Lys Aldri I Livet Orke

Total Playing Time: 41:16

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other link: Megaupload, Depositfiles

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Deep-pression - Blunt Razor [Best, 2009]

Band: Deep-pression
Album: Blunt Razor
Country: Iran
Style: Black Metal/Ambient/Rock
Year: 2009
Origin: Best

1. Creeper
2. Broken Tree
3. Monotonous Disappointment Paths
4. Names
5. I Want to Die in Mexico
6. SO36

Total Playing Time: 51:46

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Sorg Innkallelse - ...Night Black [Full-Length, 2008]

Band: Sorg Innkallelse
Album: ... Night Black
Country: Iran
Style: Black Metal
Year: 2008
Origin: Full-Length
Size: 74.55 MB

NOTE: Recommended.

1. From the Wolves Den
2. Captive in Hell
3. Sundown , Fall into Oblivion
4. Bloody Share of Heaven
5. Defunct
6. Solitude Vortex
7. Murderers Come Around
8. ...Deep Silence (The Last Symphony)

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