VA - A Guide to Middle Eastern Black Metal

: Middle-East Black Metal Bands
Album: A Guide to Middle Eastern Black Metal
Country: Middle-East
Style: Black Metal
Year: 2009
Origin: VA ( Variable-Artists )
Size: 70MB

NOTE: This album published by a fan, but Iranian bands NOT Arabic, Iranian are Aryan
and only station between Arabic countries.. Hail to Persian Black Metal..

01. Ayat - "Possession" from El Nabi Mojrem Moghtaseb Dajjal LEBANON
02. Die Entweihung - "The Unholy Precept" from Die Entweihung ISRAEL
03. Mucous Scrotum - "You Will Perish" from Calls from the Underground ISRAEL
04. Narjahanam - "Nehaya Wa Bedaya" from Undama Tath'hur Al Shams Mn Al Gharb BAHRAIN
05. Al-Namrood - "Barzakh" from Narcotized SAUDI ARABIA
06. Ammattammen Bas - "Mint Tea Til Sugar Skog" from Estanna Yabny Estanna EGYPT
07. Dhul-Qarnayn - "From Chaos" from Beyond Human Malice BAHRAIN
08. Infernal Nature - "Of Lords & Servants" from Calls from the Underground ISRAEL
09. Veinen - "Apocalyptic Nuclear Terror" from Black Hypnosis LEBANON
10. Nekroforest - "Kristian Grave" from Kristian Grave TURKEY/UAE
11. Rabbath Ammon - "Crown of Sand" from Rabbath Ammon JORDAN
12. Ultramundane - "Sworn Revenge" from A Kingdom at Birth EGYPT
13. Damaar - "Ode to Blasphemy" from Triumph Through Spears of Sacrilege LEBANON
14. Aras - "Wish to Be in Death Embrace" from Depressive Rebellion IRAN
15. Dark Promise - "The Dark Promise" from To Violate the Light SYRIA
16. Blaspherion - "The Night Before Mourning" from The Night Before Mourning UAE/USA
17. Sorg Innkallelse - "Lethal Invasion" from Into the Dark Tower IRAN
18. Azaroth - "The Winds of Mayhem" from Azaroth/Nekroforest TURKEY/UAE
19. De Mysteriium - "546 BC (short mix)" from Cold Days in Experience IRAN
20. Kusoof - "Exist to Un-exist" from Vile BAHRAIN/KUWAIT

Download Link: Mediafire

Enjoy it...:)


Anonymous said...

*** VA = ( Various-Artists )

Anonymous said...

Iranian, Aryan, Arab, fuck that racial shit, man. You say that "Nocturna from Poland joined this blog" - Poles are by no means Aryans, according to nazi mythology. You're being a fucking hypocrite.